Our Good Manufacturing practices and quality compliance programs help ensure that products and services meet the rigorous standards requirements of the pharmaceutical, surgical and consumer industries and regulatory requirements.

Our quality programs ensure that we have adequate documentation, certifications, laboratory and testing capabilities and test reports, continual improvement programs that help make our Good Manufacturing processes improve continually.

Safety and Environment Policy

Shrinath Products aims to be a leader in its industry segment by driving our growth using an environmentally sustainable business while ensuring safety as our core focus area. Our goal is to be a leader in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) best practices. We strive to operate responsibly by building a long-term, sustainable business.

At Shrinath Products, we are committed to helping our employees, our subcontractors, our clients, and our communities remain safe and healthy and to the prevention of injury and illness. We are committed to the protection of the environment and to the prevention of pollution by carrying out our business activities in a sustainable manner.

HSE is a fundamental component of our long-term business strategy. We are also catering the pharmaceutical packaging industry and consider HSE implications in all our activities and encourage all our stakeholders and interested parties to cooperate with us to protect our environment and to use safe work practices with the intent to protect our partners, the communities that we work with, patients, business assets, natural resources and the environment. This commitment is part of everything we do, be it research and development, through to production and distribution, until our customers and patients use and dispose of the final product.

This Policy addresses the principles and management practices enabling our organisation to be a leader in all aspects of occupational health, safety and environmental protection to achieve our goal to minimize health, safety and environmental risks and impacts. The Policy provides a vision and guidelines to our employees and stakeholders so that we achieve earth friendly sustainable and safe business practices and it becomes the foundation for following mandatory internal HSE Guidelines.

While HSE is everyone’s responsibility, Management is responsible for implementing and maintaining reviewing and improving good health, safety and environmental practices in areas under their control. All employees and contractors have responsibilities in term of achieving safety and environmental objectives by practicing the mandatory HSE guidelines.

We strive to accomplish our safety and environment goals by following:

  • Providing and maintaining a safe, healthy work environment;
  • Minimizing environmental impacts and optimizing the utilization of resources and processing techniques where possible;
  • Meeting or exceeding relevant occupational health and safety and environmental legislation and internal guidelines;
  • Providing appropriate HSE training and supervision to enable employees to recognize and control hazards;
  • Providing employees with written instructions and personal protective equipment;
  • Regularly inspecting our offices, labs, and production sites to identify and control hazardous conditions and practices;
  • Regularly communicating HSE issues with employees and interested parties and involving them in the development of initiatives;
  • Promptly investigating HSE incidents to identify causes and take appropriate corrective actions; and
  • Regularly auditing our HSE Management Systems against established standards to promote continuous improvement.